Alisha Gent

Alisha was born in 2000 and has always lived in West Sussex, England. She became home-educated in 2011 instead of attending secondary school, which enabled her to follow her curiosities that have predominantly focused around the arts and humanities. After being introduced to sculpture; whilst on a family holiday to St Ives where she visited the Barbara Hepworth museum and studio, a passion for making was sparked, initially throwing which she began as a hobby at 11. After taking classes at Forest Row school of Ceramics for several years her love for the arts and ceramics grew. She became an apprentice to Katrina Pechal in September 2017 instead of traditional sixth- form education this allowed her to solely focus on her passion. Alisha won her first award at 16 in the prestigious “Young Craftsman of the Year Award” coming first in the ceramics category and 3rd overall. She has continued to enter consecutive years gaining 2nd prize overall in 2017 plus again achieving 1st and 3rd in the ceramics category, she has also won the the Young Arts Society Award 2017.

Alisha makes both domestic and sculptural pieces, and engages with a variety of styles and techniques. She aims to gain a wide skillset before deciding to peruse a singular direction. The humanities have always been of inspiration to Alisha with previous projects being based on literature and installation art. Recently she has been inspired by the Abstract Expressionist movement for both its emphasis on depicting inward emotions rather than just the representational world and its evident gestural mark-making – something she strives for in her own work. It is both the physical act of making and turning a concept into a tangible form that captivates her, aiming for the spectator to engage with her pieces. Whether that be her domestic pieces serving a functional need in their daily life or inciting a reaction/emotion in her sculptural works. Thus, it is relationship between the spectator and how they interact with the tangible objects that she creates that is ever intriguing. As she is at the beginning of her career she aims to study ceramics at university in 2019, which will hopefully enable her to become a full-time ceramic artist.