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Oil and Water’s New Artists – Private View

Another very successful private view with 100’s of bottles of sparkling drunk and thousands of wonderful prawns (from Bradys) devoured. Private Views at Oil and Water gallery Wandsworth are fast becoming a must on the South London social calendar. If you’re lucky enough to get an invite of course! From where I stand, obediently behind the bar area taking coats and serving drinks, it looked as though everyone was having a very good time and the night was a great success.

Thank you for all of those who helped out and thank you again to Amelia from Bradys for her wonderful canapés. Thank you also to the local MP, Jane Ellison (pictured below with gallery owner Penny Macfarlane) for popping in.


PV 21 May 2 PV 21 May 1 IMG_7535a Emma-21-4-5 Emma 21-4-4 Emma 21-4-3

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Jane Atkinson’s new exhibition ‘Paintings and Etchings’

Jane Atkinson attracted a large crowd to her private viewing last night kicking off her solo exhibition at Oil and Water Gallery Wandsworth. The gallery was looking fantastic thanks to some expert curating from Oil and Water boss, the wonderful Penny Macfarlane and Angie Jones (also wonderful, and also Jane’s daughter!). Jane’s variety of artwork is spectacular and as such the entire gallery, top and bottom has been dedicated accordingly for the next 2 weeks.

Jane is one of the grandes dames of British print-making: over the past three decades, Jane’s etchings and paintings have been exhibited in private and public collections internationally and in the UK, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions.  Jane uses colour, shape and form to express her strong emotions about life and nature.  Her feelings about dreams and reality, her visual memories and her direct observation of people and places, are reflected in her often colourful and sometimes troubling work.

This is a rare opportunity to view the wide range of Jane’s portfolio – an opportunity not to be missed!

jane atkinson solo exhib 2

jane atkinson solo exhib 4

jane atkinson solo exhib 1

jane atkinson solo exhib 3

Jane Atkinson PV

Jane Atkinson PV 1

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Wandsworth’s new Contemporary Art Gallery – Oil&Water (340 Old York Road) is offering local artists the chance to exhibit at a special closed exhibition, which will take place between Wednesday 19th March and Saturday 5th April.  Gallery Director Penny Macfarlane states that the gallery aims to become an integral part of the local arts economy, including providing this exciting opportunity for local artists living in the London Borough of Wandsworth to exhibit their art works in this attractive commercial space


Fine art submissions are invited from local artists, to include painting, printmaking and photography.  We hope that ceramics, sculpture, video or sound installations and conceptual art may be included in a future exhibition.  Whilst we hope to be as inclusive as possible, we may not be able to include exhibits from every artist.  Depending on demand and the size of paintings, we may have to limit the number of artists and the number of works per artist.  Entries should be limited to five works per artist, (maximum size apx. 73 x 54cm framed) and it is unlikely that more than four will be chosen, at the curator’s discretion.  If at all possible, we hope to include at least one exhibit for each artist.


Apart from the quality of the art, when selecting the exhibits consideration will be given to our desire to present a wide and representative variety of styles and medium, reflecting the breadth of local talent.  Selection will be made by a small panel consisting of one artist, a collector, a sponsor and the curator.  If a work is not selected, it is not be because it lacks excellence but simply that there are too many similar pieces presented.


If you would like your work to be considered, please contact us for an entry form (and other information), which must be entered by 5pm on Tuesday 25th February  ( Applications must be accompanied by a £25 fee which covers up to five items; please pay by  BACS transfer to Oil&Water Gallery sort code 20-90-74 a/c number 63251357 and specify your name as the reference; or deliver cash or cheque – payable to Oil&Water Gallery.  This fee, which is non-refundable, will go towards the gallery’s administrative costs including insurance and marketing.


Art work must be delivered between 12 noon and 7pm on Thursday 6th March.

All works submitted for the exhibition are required to be for sale.  In the event of a sale, the gallery terms are 50% of wall price.   Paintings must be ready to hang ie. fixed with D rings and string, or they will be rejected.  Selection will take place on Friday 7th March and you will be informed as soon as possible whether or not your paintings have been accepted.   Any art works not selected must be collected between 12 noon and 2pm on Saturday 8th March.


Oil&Water gallery is grateful to Wandsworth Council for drawing this event to the attention of local artists.  Please note that the details are slightly different from those published in ‘Brightside’.  We hope you will wish to support this initiative, which (if successful) could well become an annual event.

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The new photogrpahic exhibition got off to a great start with a very full house on Tuesday night at the Private View. Everyone seemingly had an excellent time chatting about the wonderful photos Oil and Water have decided to show while keeping stomachs entertained with Brady’s canapes and fine white wine. A very special thank you to Amelia of Brady’s and her helpers. Many people commented on the quality of the wine chosen (as well as the quality of the wine pourer! hem hem) and the nibbles were perfect. From the gallery’s point of view we are all very excited to have our walls filled with such lovely photographs of all different styles and sizes, from a range of excellent photographers: Jack Munro, Ollie Marchant, Chris King, Cindy Parthonnaud, Georgina Craig-Harvey, Stuart Brown, Brian Galloway and Drew Burnett.


Thank you to all of those who joined us on Tuesday evening at Oil and Water gallery. For those of you who haven’t popped in yet, please do. People and Places runs until 15th February.


The wonderful owner Penny Mac Brian Galloway 2 Brian Galloway Cindy Jack Munro P&P2 P&P3 P&P People and Places PV

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We have been very fortunate to have Giuseppe’s prints and paintings over the past couple of weeks. They are of such high quality and contain a seemingly infinite number of colours. The prints of the Italian countryside exude an enormous warmth and provide the surveyor with an impressionistic take on the landscape. The process which Giuseppe must follow to create such works is long and detailed; some prints have up to 30 different colours, made all the more daunting as a lot of you will know when screen printing, you only use one colour at a time on each screen. Also taking pride of place on the walls of Oil and Water were the giclee prints of Giuseppe’s abstract oil paintings. These giclee prints work exceptionally well, they possess a truly mystical and organic personality augmented by the near metallic finish. We are now taking the works down which is making the cold January weather seem even colder. But of course Giuseppe d’Inella will have a presence in Oil and Water gallery, 340 Wandsworth Road, for a long time to come so if you missed him this time, I’m sure he’ll be back. For the nostalgic amongst you here are some of his works:

Pink Fields

yellow patch

violet hill

Giuseppe D'Innella Orange Spot

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We welcome new artists to Oil and Water Gallery Wandsworth for our latest exhibition of prints starting tomorrow 20th November 2013.  The opening exhibition has now been cleared away which was sad to see, however we will still be exhibiting some art from the existing artists – good news for those of you who find it difficult to say goodbye (as we do!). Now we will see art from Cath Bristow, Louise Braithwaite, Austin Cole, Vicky Oldfield, Helen Brown, James Bartholomew, Lucy Beacham, Monica Brufton, Rosemary Clunie, Catherine Ingleby, Guiseppe D’Inella, Caroline Kannreuther, Peter Jones, Sally Loughbridge, Tessa Pearson, Rouhi Peck. The prints include: epic views over London, chirpy scenes from a typical English day, a variety of animals both abstract and representational (the hare being a personal fave), intriguing still lifes of flowers, a wonderful assortment of front doors, impressive landscapes just to name but a few. The actual style of printing itself ranges from woodcuts to collographs, from hand screen-printing to ethcings.

The new exhibition looks fantastic and is open to the public from Thursday up until Christmas. So very much looking forward to seeing you all at the gallery in the next month, and if you are looking for Christmas presents for your close family or dear aunt Sibyl who you know would love a bit of colour to brighten up her abode, then don’t look any further!

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Oil and Water Gallery Wandsworth  is now offering out it’s lovely art filled space for meetings, cocktail parties or other events. We can help you organise the food and drink and the tables and chairs if needed.

For all artists and budding curators, we are also willing to rent out the bottom floor of the gallery fully equipped with professional lighting and hanging apparatus.

Please contact us on:

Tel: 020 8874 4327




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We had a good turn-out (albeit a quite late surge) for Catherine Ingleby’s private viewing. It is always very nice to meet the family, friends and fans of our artists and we were not disappointed. Catherine has developed a good following of supporters for her art and we hope this only continues to grow. Remember Catherine is always ready to discuss the possibility of commissions so please keep that in mind.

Skyfall A clean pair of heels

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The opening nights were a roaring success. Over 300 people came to join us in celebration. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing the current exhibition showcasing works from the artists: George Robertson, Ben Nicholas, Patrick Nash, Jamie Vaulkhard, Vicky Oldfield, Jane Atkinson, Rosemary Clunie, Tessa Pearson, Catherine Ingleby, Elizabeth Macfarlane, Guiseppe d’Inella, Carly Hemming. Thank you very much to The Pantry next door for providing the scrumptious canapés and helping us keep everyone’s glass topped up (!). It brought us great satisfaction seeing everyone have such a good time after a long hard but very enjoyable adventure into the art world.


We now have until mid November with the current exhibition until our ‘Autumn Print Fair’ which runs up until Christmas.






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Oil&Water: new contemporary art Gallery

340 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, South West London

Oil&Water are proud to announce that Vicky Oldfield has agreed to create a completely new exclusive print, especially to celebrate the opening of our new gallery.  This beautiful collagraph is available only from Oil&Water.


Vicky explains that prints come in multiples but all her prints are unique, only the lines and textures are repeatable.  Her curiosity makes her experiment with each once, always trying to do something new, which keeps the work fresh and makes it great fun to do.

Vicky describes the process as follows:
‘To begin with I take a piece of cardboard onto which I draw an image.  I add lines and textures using glue and collage, I then varnish the plate and leave it to dry.  The plate is now ready for inking, the ink is rubbed into all the textures using a toothbrush, the plate is then wiped clean, leaving an inky residue.  I then add collage elements, labels and decorative papers, glued on the back and carefully placed on the inked plate.  I then carefully put this on the press, and the pressure forces the damp printing paper into all the little nooks and crannies.  I then get a print, coupled with attached collage.  I then hand paint each picture using watercolours and inks, making each one of the small editions completely unique’.

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september art 779


There is only one reason why you should invest your hard earned money in a work of art – and that is because you really love it! If you have £50 to spare – or £500 or £5,000, I believe you will get much more enjoyment and satisfaction from hanging a beautiful painting on your wall than from investing it in a high street bank, earning a pathetic rate of interest. Certainly art work will beautify your home, which (in my opinion) will help to increase the value of your property….. However, you cannot rely on the price of the painting itself going up – although you may be lucky!

If you buy something which you like, and at the same time place your faith in an emerging artist, you may well see the price of their work increasing over time. This applies not only to young graduates, but also to less well known but established professional artists who are gradually achieving more exposure – something which we aim to encourage in our new gallery

At Oil & Water we have a wide range of wonderful paintings, ceramics and original prints to offer, now and in the future. We shall present new exhibitions every month, so there will always be something new to see – and I am sure you will find something which you love!