Gerard Mortier

The fusion between Gérard Mortier and the Opale coast takes all its meaning when the artist

decided to translate its unsettling moods that he voluntarily calls ” his favourite topic “. We met with Gérard Mortier during his preparation for his next exhibition at the château Mollack at Marquise, organised with the collaboration of the art gallery Joël Dupuis at Hardelot.

His memories are full of promenades on the Audresselles’rocs while he was a child and since then, Gérard Mortier never misses an occasion to immerse himself in this mysterious coastal world. Far from being fed only with his selfish ephemeral memories, the self-taught painter with an unquestioned talent and moved by the willingness and the passion, is faceted by his consequent work with a major ambition to share his love for seascape. Little by little, his technique became finer and his representation clearer, it gave birth to his first canvases. We are at the end of the 70’s and from the beginning, the artist’s works is a success not only locally but outside of the French borders as well. In front of his canvas, the pleasure felt in those precious aesthetics moments is fully expressed and the public is rarely mistaken.

However, rather than staying in his comfort zone or reproduce sterile seascapes, the artist needs to move on and progresses in his quest, this one being endless. The one who said he had been influenced by the Impressionists, goes now slowly away from a realism sometimes troubled towards a more minimalist style, closed to abstraction… It is an interesting challenge which will not forget that the creation of light and contrast are the major qualities of Gérard Mortier. But by no mean he restricts himself to an only source of inspiration. The painter is curious and adventurous, he turns with pleasure to least singular themes. Paris or Lisbonne captivate him. He voluntarily admits that he likes to switch off from his habits to drawn into these poetical elsewhere.

His fans will discover with pleasure his paintings representing the coast and marine life of the Boulonnais. A real breath of fresh air, full of sea sprays, invigorating, authentic and as beneficial as a promenade near the sea. But the painter confessed to have a few surprises to reveal… New promenades that we naturally imagine meeting our expectations and wishes.