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We have been very fortunate to have Giuseppe’s prints and paintings over the past couple of weeks. They are of such high quality and contain a seemingly infinite number of colours. The prints of the Italian countryside exude an enormous warmth and provide the surveyor with an impressionistic take on the landscape. The process which Giuseppe must follow to create such works is long and detailed; some prints have up to 30 different colours, made all the more daunting as a lot of you will know when screen printing, you only use one colour at a time on each screen. Also taking pride of place on the walls of Oil and Water were the giclee prints of Giuseppe’s abstract oil paintings. These giclee prints work exceptionally well, they possess a truly mystical and organic personality augmented by the near metallic finish. We are now taking the works down which is making the cold January weather seem even colder. But of course Giuseppe d’Inella will have a presence in Oil and Water gallery, 340 Wandsworth Road, for a long time to come so if you missed him this time, I’m sure he’ll be back. For the nostalgic amongst you here are some of his works:

Pink Fields

yellow patch

violet hill

Giuseppe D'Innella Orange Spot