Jill Meager

I am both uplifted and unsettled by what I see in the open gaze of children and animals. Uplifted by the demonstration of a fearless, joyful and determined will to survive, but unsettled by the fear I sometimes see in that same gaze of those who are defenceless, neglected or persecuted by a heedless society.


Finalist, National Open Art Competition, Somerset House, London and Minerva Festival Theatre, Chichester

Illustrator of Michael Morpurgo’s A Bit of a Daredevil

Christmas Card artist for the charity Farms for City Children


Member of the Espacio Collective, Shoreditch, London


Exhibition history:


Portrait:  Espacio Gallery 2014

Making Seen:  Espacio Gallery 2014

Journey: Espacio Gallery 2013

Life Forms: Espacio Gallery 2013

In transition: Espacio Gallery 2013

100 metre, 100 artists: Espacio Gallery 2012

Lift Off: Espacio Gallery 2012

Aspects of Art: Espacio Gallery 2012


Finalist V&A Inspired by

Finalist Draw More!

Brixton Art Trail

Artists at Home W4





Cambridge University

Putney School of Art and Design


As well as working as an artist, I lecture in creative thinking and creative leadership in advertising, design and media.