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Oil&Water: new contemporary art Gallery

340 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, South West London

Oil&Water are proud to announce that Vicky Oldfield has agreed to create a completely new exclusive print, especially to celebrate the opening of our new gallery.  This beautiful collagraph is available only from Oil&Water.


Vicky explains that prints come in multiples but all her prints are unique, only the lines and textures are repeatable.  Her curiosity makes her experiment with each once, always trying to do something new, which keeps the work fresh and makes it great fun to do.

Vicky describes the process as follows:
‘To begin with I take a piece of cardboard onto which I draw an image.  I add lines and textures using glue and collage, I then varnish the plate and leave it to dry.  The plate is now ready for inking, the ink is rubbed into all the textures using a toothbrush, the plate is then wiped clean, leaving an inky residue.  I then add collage elements, labels and decorative papers, glued on the back and carefully placed on the inked plate.  I then carefully put this on the press, and the pressure forces the damp printing paper into all the little nooks and crannies.  I then get a print, coupled with attached collage.  I then hand paint each picture using watercolours and inks, making each one of the small editions completely unique’.